Bijin no Yu

Hot spring (Bijin no Yu)

Misawa no Yu has a high skin-beautiful effect and is called the "To be Beautiful Women's Hot Spring."
It is said to be one of the highest ph values in Japan.
It has a high alkaline spring quality and smooth skin,
You can even feel the smoothness of the touch.
In addition, it has various effects such as fatigue, sensitivity to cold, and arteriosclerosis.
The open-air bath while looking at the beautiful terraced rice fields is exceptional.

Day trip hot spring

Business hours

12:00 - 20:00(Last entry 19:00)

*Business hours are subject to change due to operational reasons.


Adult (Over 13 years old)
Child (3~12 years old)
Limited to Minakami townspeopleWhen using with family, children under elementary school age are free.
(We will confirm that you are a resident of Minakami Town.)
Children free
Buth towel (For rental)
Hand towel (For sale)

*Fee includes tax.

Regular holiday

We close on Wednesday.

*Business day are subject to change due to operational reasons.
Please check our SNS for the latest business information.

Great plan

Hot spring work plan

Unlimited access to hot springs + 2 drinks

Sanazawa Terrace is a co-working space.
It is also a place where you can work or do light work while relaxing.
When you need to concentrate, you concentrate.
And also when you have a break, you go to a hot spring…
Why not spend such a luxurious day?


  • 2 drinks
  • Bijin no YuSANAZAWA
  • Work at the kotatsu
  • Two women chatting at a hearth table
  • Meeting at the kotatsu
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