Cafe & coworking space

Cafe and Relax space

Please enjoy a cup of carefully prepared coffee.
It is a space where you can concentrate and devote yourself to your precious efforts.And also you can relax at our place.
If you look up suddenly, you will be surprised by the distant snow-covered peaks and the changing colors of the mountain surface from season to season.
There are many new ideas that you can see if you change your perspective.
Think of amazing creativity from here.

Business hours

12:00 - 20:00

* Business hours may change due to various circumstances.



Original blend coffee (Hot) normal size
Original blend coffee (Hot) generous size
Original blend coffee (Ice)
Cafe au lait (Hot/Ice)
Chai [PRANA CHAI *Uses soy milk] (Hot/Ice)
Deep steamed green tea [Hiranoen Shizuoka Kakegawa] (Hot/Ice)
Sand-roasted hojicha [Yoshida Tea Garden Ibaraki Koga] (Hot/Ice)
Apple juice [Issaku Farm Minakami]
Craft cola [Yuju Company]
Carbonated water

*Available in a take-out cup for an additional 50 yen.


Toast butter/jam [“Juraku” bread Minakami]
Ogura toast [Marusu Seika's Whole Grain Anko Minakami]
Apple pie + ice cream [Abe Apple Orchard Apple Pie Minakami]

AlcoholOctone Brewing craft beer [Minakami]

OCTONE ALE [Features a light taste and yeast flavor]
YAMABITO ALE [Exquisite nuances of malt flavor and hops]
KAYABA SAISON [Features the unique flavor of Belgian yeast]
MORINO PORTER [British style dark beer]
YUZ-ON [Saison using yuzu from the foot of Mt. Akagi]
RIVER NEIGHBOR IPA [IPA made from hops grown in Minakami Town]

Regular holiday

We close on Wednesday.

*Business day are subject to change due to operational reasons.
Please check our SNS for the latest business information.

Great plan

Hot spring work plan

Unlimited access to hot springs + 2 drinks

Sanazawa Terrace is a co-working space.
It is also a place where you can work or do light work while relaxing.
When you need to concentrate, you concentrate.
And also when you have a break, you go to a hot spring…
Why not spend such a luxurious day?


  • 2 drinks
  • Bijin no YuSANAZAWA
  • Work at the kotatsu
  • Two women chatting at a hearth table
  • Meeting at the kotatsu
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