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It used to be said that the place was in the middle of nowhere. Not to mention the hustle and bustle of the city, even the sound of insects was faint in the distance.
There is a world of astonishing "silence" because of a closed environment.
Guests are made aware of their inner voice by the secluded region. Try to get lost in thought when you take the hot springs, sit under the Kotatsu (table with blanket) and stay on the terrace. You will find out that you have been under a lot of stress from being exposed to this information-rich modern society.

  • Japanese-style room with a kotatsu in the large hall


Actually, the "Sanazawa Terrace" has only nice hot spring and beautiful rice paddies but that's why we are remote from the city. There is plenty of nourishment for the mind that makes you feel better.

We hope you’d love to stay here with your family or loved ones. We are glad to reserve a room for a large group even if just one person. Please visit here and enjoy "do not anything "

  • Sanazawa Terrace and surrounding rice terraces


Tsukiyono is located in Minakami, where many traces of people's activities from the Jomon period(dates back to about 14,000 BC)are left, including the Yase ruins.
The carefully-maintained terraced rice field landscape spreads along the Sanazawa Stream, a clear stream flowing through the eastern foot of Ohmine Mountain.
The Inhabitants of the area share their roots and they are the descendants of samurai who lost the Battle of Sekigahara. They smiled a little shyly. They have a warm and gentle atmosphere. It was born in a hot spring resort and cherishes various cultures that have been handed down for a long time. I will update this place again.

  • Rice terraces on Sanazawa Terrace

Hot spring (Bijin no Yu)

We use Sanazawa hot springs, which have a high skin beautification effect.
It is said to be one of the highest ph values in Japan.
The high alkaline spring quality makes your skin smooth.
You can even feel the smoothness of the touch.

  • An open-air bath called the beauty bath
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